Hi community,

As you may have guessed by the thread's title, the topic here is the forming of a Poker-fraternity (ie. several people sharing the same apartment).

Some of you might already know me from the german forum. I'm 19 years old and am currently in the 13th grade of the german secondary school .

At the moment I'm living in the francophone (south) part of Belgium. I'll be going to university in 2011 in Germany (I'm German).

After graduating from high school however I'd first like to spend a year in a foreign country. My primary objective is to make new experiences, to improve my language skills and to meet nice people. In general I simply want to expand my horizon. With this in mind, I'd like to start an international Poker flat share, with several different languages represented. I personally speak German, English and French. Other languages are of course welcome.

But enough about me!

I can imagine that others in this forum are thinking of the same thing. I'm looking for people who want to spend a year in a foreign country as much as I do. People who are open to new cultures and want to make new experiences. :)

To summarise:
I'm looking for people with whom I can rent an apartment and who want to spend a year in a foreign country (doesn't matter where), while playing lots of poker and getting to know the new country and people. It would be nice if you could at least beat NL100 and are motivated towards improving your skills

I'm looking forward to answers and opinions :s_grin: