coaching NL 25

    • boschman123
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      im now at NL25 and i am looking for tips/trick/traps for this limit.
      when can we expect a coaching especially for this limit?

      played now 7500 hands there and my ptbb/100 is 5.12
      i know i can do better ! (NL5 ptbb/100 24 , NL10 ptbb/100 16.76 over 100.000 hands)
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    • mchaggis
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      I have just above 20ptbb/100 on NL25 SH.
      I kinda look for bad players and take their money :) The first "tell" is that they only have 10-20$ on the table (they usually rebuy when they lose that) and there are some friends who I have buddied :)

      Can't help you much if you play FR
    • Stefan1000
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      All our coaches are either ill at the moment or busy with visiting the WSOP...

      But i think next week benjo will perhaps be able to play that limit...
      Benjo is at the austrian masters since monday.

      Best regards,