• Gunnimar
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      So i´ve been stuck around 150$ level for pretty long and doesnt seem like it will change. How long have you been stuck at a certain level? And isnt it a sign that you are about to hit a downswing ?
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Gunnimar,

      Not necessarily. I think sometimes it's just psychological barriers.

      I got stuck at $150, then $300 etc. It always seemed to be whole numbers and not $127 or $284 etc.

      Keep playing your A game and forget what BR you are currently on and hopefully you will soon raise above it.

      Don't forget that if you can break even during a downswing phase, your doing pretty good.

      Also difficult I know, but sometimes you can talk yourself into a downswing phase, so just keep concentrating on playing your normal game and don't worry too much about the swings at this stage.

      Best regards,