Mansion poker currency

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    • justkyle88
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      hey NejTilSvampe,

      If I remember correctly, when you sign up for Mansion they ask you what your currency is.
      I can assure you, you are "not" loosing money. I thought the same thing when I started playing and was very confused by their concept.
      But, there is nothing to worry about.

      All tournaments/but-ins etc are a set but-in.
      For example,
      When you buy into a $1.10 SNG, that buy-in is then converted into your currency.
      say the payout was,
      1st: $5.50
      2nd: $3
      3rd: $1.50

      These payout-outs are then converted once again into your currency.

      Also, Your cashier is also set into your currency too.

      Hope this helps.