SHC Issue

    • pwned94
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      I started playing limit. On the SHC, for a hand like 77, it says that is there has been a raise and at least one call, you should call. If everyone has folded to the raise, you fold. What if the raiser is to my right? I am next to act after the raise; do I call or fold if iI have limped already as per the SHC.
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    • Ejeckt
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      As a default, stick with the charts. So if there's no callers, rather fold or 3bet. However, if you know that the table is loose, you can limp and expect more limpers behind you (assuming you're in early or middle position).

      Generally you shouldn't open limp at your tables either. You can, provided the table is very loose - but this is rarely the case and I don't recommend you do this.