Poker Addiction

    • dubrovnik
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      I play alot of poker, i feel i am addicted. i can't have a day without playing poker.

      I know alot of players are like me, what do you think, is poker controlling our lives too much ??
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    • Smileyphil
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      I have been wondering about this for a while as well.

      I tend to play for at least an hour a day and I feel upset if I don't get to play. That sounds sort of like an addiction however isn't it really just the same as anything else you enjoy doing?

      In a similar way I go climbing every wednesday and if I have to do something else instead I am upset and annoyed that I can't go climbing. Am I addicted to climbing also?

      Everyone has something in their lives that they spend too much time on. Its up to you whether it is something bad or good.
    • raun
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      problem is if you are a loosing player and you are addicted and if you lack selfcontrol.
    • Ejeckt
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      I thought I was... but then I had to study for tests and exams. So far I haven't played poker in 2 weeks, and don't really have any withdrawal.

      Guess I wasn't addicted...

      You're can't really tell until it's too late and it really starts messing up your life, methinks.
    • andreibalint
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      I almost wish i could become addicted to poker. I generally play every day and feel bad if i don't because i set a minimum 10 SnG's /day rule, to make a bankroll and climb levels.

      So i play on average for 2h a day every day and don't feel addicted. And i'll do this as long as i enjoy it and make a profit out of it... I was thinking about dumping playing while i have the exams; i don't know if i'll do it or not...

      (or maybe i'm addicted and i don't realise it lol).
    • harleytopper
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      I wish I was addicted to poker, I play for 1/2h - 1h, get bored, and leave table, especially when I'm winning.
    • kennyxx
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      Originally posted by harleytopper
      I wish I was addicted to poker, I play for 1/2h - 1h, get bored, and leave table
      Same here. Not always, but very often. No matter if I'm running good or not...