Micro Stakes Study Group

    • tcs35
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      Basically I want to form a study group with people who play micro stakes. Some of the things that would be done:

      - Sweat session over Team Viewer / Mikogo
      - Voice chats over Skype
      - Session reviews
      - Session recordings
      - Anything else wanted

      It will be primarily run over Skype in a group chat room. It will all be free instead of paying for coaching sessions. Helping both ways is essential. You must give help to people on lower stakes if you want help from people on higher stakes.

      Adding the group to contacts
      On the top right of the heading bar click 'Save group in Contacts'

      Stop the conversation beeping and popping up on every message (mute)
      On the top bar click Conversation, then click notification settings and tick the box do not notify me. You can also make it notify on words. For example if you play 6 max, you can type all the variations to alert you when people are talking about 6max strategy.

      If anyone is interested just reply here with your skype
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