• SkipToMaLao
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      Hello everyone. Firstly I want to thank PokerStrategy for 50$ that came to me few hours ago.
      My name is Edgaras, I came from Lithuania. I play poker about 4 months now. So I'm still real noob in this game. But reading your articles is already working. SSS seems very good strategy to me. I just tested it a bit in low stack, and it didn't disappoint me. So I'm sticking with it for a while and for sure going to stick in this awesome community.

      Thanks again,
      and best luck everyone.
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    • kingdippy2008
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      Hello SkipToMaLao,

      Congratulations on receiving your free PokerStrategy starting capital! With your capital you also receive bronze status at PokerStrategy that unlocks a lot more learning material. There are 3 main types of learning;

      All these 3 methods provide a great way for you too learn and learning is a key part to becoming a better poker player ;)

      Best regards and good luck,