this is what happened to my in the last 20 mins on PP:

got AA lost vs. A6s (russian federation)
got KK lost vs. J6 (same player, 2 hands later- no joke)

I ask "how can you call my preflop AI with J6"
answer (strangely he DID answer) "I was Big Blind" *lol

5min later other table
got AK lost vs. A9s (russian federation)

All 3 Hands were preflop All in
this is just ridiculous
If I loose AA KK AK against random marginal hands- what am I supposed to play then?
also go all in preflop with 92offsuit ageinat two players?
sometimes poker is a bitch :-(
If i loose one: okay- bad luck, loose two: not again whats happening?!? loose the 3rd in 15 minutes: pause for n hour, smoke some, eat some, drink some whatever... and of course cry like a bitch in the forum ;-)



i sorry i just saw i posted in the wrong section... wanted to post in the russian hacker thread- but doesnt matter
maybe you can shift it?