Hi everybody,
some of you might know me from my videos that have been published, here.
As the title already suggests I want to offer you my private coaching.

Let me introduce myself a little bit:
I've started playing poker at the end of 2006 and in summer 2007 I switched from FL to SnGs. Beginning with the 6$ SnGs I made my way up to the 109$ tourneys. Right now I am playing a little lower because I do not like these very big swings on the highlimits.
Most of the time I've played on Party Poker and I have studied the big and fast blind increases thoroughly. However, I've got some mentionable experience on Poker Stars and Full Tilt as well and I have also tried some SnGs with an even faster structure.
For sure there were ups and downs in this time and I have thought a lot about the psychology behind poker. If you wish we could include some discussion about that in coaching.

The Coaching:
The coaching will be exactly like you wish it. I do not offer live Coachings but it is a very efficient training if we discass handhistories of your tourneys or you just send me a couple of histories which I scan for the interesting hands in advance. Preparing a video is another possibility.

The key facts:
-steinek is great
-SnGs until 36$ and late MTT stages
-psychology could be included
-40-50$ per hour depending on the limit you play.

Best regards and CU :f_cool:

Skype: konrad6973
ICQ: 434278185