i think i will go mad

    • kittutza
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      i passed the test ...choosed full tilt poker platform and waited for my 50 $.....after a few days no money....good
      i created a ticket and they said that i need to confirm my identity by sending front and back copies of my ID driving license and passport...good
      did that and they said i have to wait 72 hours......good
      72 hour passed no money
      another ticket...they said that from the ID check it takes maximum 96 hours
      the hours passed and recived a email that i have to send a photo of me next to the ID card
      why they did not asked this first time???
      good ....i sent those too...and i try not to loose my trust
      apreciate everithing:(
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    • ZhiCheng
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      Dont worry mate! ..PS.com is very good website, I m sure It's not their intention to let u waite that long.. Maybe the pictures u sent werent clear ?

      Take it easy, after u ll get the money u ll be happy u signed here.. ;)
    • Justin37
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      1st timer ussually need to wait longer than ussual to get the $50, i waited a week for my $50.

      HOWEVER, all of my friends using my name as a referer received their money in 2- 3 days.
    • justkyle88
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      Hey kittutza,

      Sorry that you feel it's taking a while to be cleared.
      These checks are completely random and a normal part of receiving your free starting capital.
      Please be patient.