I quit PartyPoker!!!

    • rgmuzza
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      I Think your site should stop saying you suggest party poker as the platform of choice for our $50 bankroll for many reasons.

      1. The total lack of quality $1 sit'n'go's and in the ones that are available the blinds rise too fast for the style of play your coaching.

      2. No 18 - 27 - 90 player $1 sit'n'go's where your coaching style is really good.

      3. A rediculous amount of DONKEYS. Just to give you the scenario that just put me on tilt for the rest of the year.... I have been playing strictly to the rules laid out in the sit'n'go section so am playing tight aggressive. I get AK suited in middle position all folded to me I raise to 4 times the blind, I get called by 2 players. I hit on the board that is 5-A-J so I bet 2/3 of the pot both call and on the turn I hit my King and push all in for about the size of the pot. One folds the other calls with 6-5 OFFSUIT and rivers trips!!! He says "sorry about that I jus was goin all or nothing that hand". This is the worst of them but time and time again I am being called to the river by crap and losing to rivers and my bankroll is going backwards.

      4. The site isnt as user friendly as the others and rather badly put together. It takes alot longer to load then other sites and locks up occasionally.

      I can see how your coaching works really well when I play at fulltilt where you can play the multi-table sit'n'go's that pay more places and are slower on the blinds so I have no issue with the information on the site at all it is very usefull however party poker is a massive fail in my book.
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi rgmuzza & welcome to PokerStrategy,

      Thank you for your feedback and observations. It's always great to receive feedback, both good and not so good relating to either PokerStrategy or one of the partner poker platforms.

      A lot of players do still like Partypoker, it's a matter of preference I guess at the end of the day and I think it's still in members interest to provide a wide choice to choose from.
      As one of PokerStrategy's partner sites, Partypoker do also listen to user feedback to help them refine/improve their software from time to time, so it's all useful.

      As you have indicated, it's important to find a platform which suits your game choice and where you feel comfortable. I too moved 2 or 3 times before finding a site where I enjoy to play.

      Anyway, like I said, we really appreciate all feedback received and thank you for taking the time to write.

      Good luck with your poker,

      Best regards,

    • monkey0nfire
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      totally agree
    • rgmuzza
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      I agree that it is in the members interest to give a wide range of options was more talking about the fact on the page that you choose your platform on it has Party poker as the recommended option which is the only reason I chose it. I would have otherwise researched it a bit more which I guess in retrospect I probably should have anyway.
    • Snodreliss
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      <3 PartyPoker, at least when I run hot ^^