• squallofreeves
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      i passed the quiz and have just selected a poker room to play in. But today i realize that my rank is still basic and i'll need one more point to advance to the bronze level. Well, it appears that i can only read the bronze level articles if i'm at the bronze level (obviously). Well, i think pokerstrategy provides some really great articles on poker and i would want to read all of them, but the thing is this, i have no idea whatsoever about the rank. I'll be grateful if anyone can provide me with some information to start with. Thanks!
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    • kingdippy2008
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      Hello squallofreeves,

      To increase you rank you have to earn strategy points. To earn these you have to play on a linked PokerStrategy account and create rake. You will receive an amount of strategy points depending on the rake you have created and the poker room you are playing at.

      To increase level you have to earn a certain amount of points in a space of time. To find out the different levels and the time needed to earn them can be found here. To make bronze you just need 1 lifetime strategy point.

      To see how many points you have gained in the previous 4 weeks then please look at this;

      All this information can be found under the Rewards section.

      Good luck and best regards,