Yet another noob question

    • metalDays
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      I know I's metalDays asking another question in the Beginners forum.
      Everyone hates me now, but I gotta make sure before I become a pro poker player :) )

      Anyways, I realised I've read all the beginner articles on the Limited Hold'em and I always play no limit. But in the no limit section it's got only SSS strategy... is that the way I'm supposed to play ? The strategy at the limit hold'em seemed way more thorough...

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    • kingdippy2008
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      Hello again metalDays,

      Now you are bronze you have access to articles about Big Stack Strategy. This involves using the max 100bb buyin. BSS has a lot more freedom but is a lot harder for a beginner because it involves playing the turn and river a lot more. With SSS you are generally all in on the flop.

      An introduction to BSS can be found here -->

      Good luck and best regards,

    • jonnyquest
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      Don't worry about all the questions, I ask questions all the time too. It's a good thing you read all the limit stuff, it can help you too. There are lots of articles on BSS in the NL sections from bronze up. The basic articles are all SSS because that's best for a total begginer. SSS helped me quickly clear the bonus and gain silver status so I would reccomend starting with it. I'm currently studying BSS and thinking about making the switch. SSS is very effective if you're disciplined and if you like multitabling. It's pretty slow and boring unless you're playing 4+ tables. I would reccomend reading as much as you can, then go dominate the microstakes. Be prepared to take some bad beats though. Try to take them in stride and whatever you do don't tilt!

      Good Luck
    • EagleStar88
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      Yes, don't worry about asking questions metaldays, that's always a good way to learn and we will still :heart: you, however many you ask.
      Well ok, we might tire a little after a thousand or so :D .... only joking.

      Members are always friendly and keen to help others with their game, that's just one reason why PokerStrategy is so awesome :s_thumbsup:

      Best regards,