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      you always can ;) ....just use google....type something like:" XXX Edited by EagleStar88" ;)
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      Originally posted by extpan
      you always can ;) ....just use google....type something like:" XXX Edited by EagleStar88" ;)

      I don't think that is what they want you to do though I am not totally sure.
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      Originally posted by FineWork
      Why cant we download videos?
      Hi FineWork,

      Putting these videos together costs PokerStrategy a lot of time and money and they are available exclusively to PokerStrategy members and not the wider public. They are just one of the benefits that membership of PokerStrategy provides you.

      Once you reach the predetermined status level for a video you are welcome to view it however many times you like and it will always be available to you, however we would not want them to be downloaded or distributed outside of PokerStrategy who quite rightly retains the copyright of this material.

      As further discussion on this topic would likely lead to further breaches or attempts at breaches of this copyright and illegal downloads I will be closing this thread and I hope you will understand.

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      Edit: Think of it like a private freeroll. A prize pool of money is set aside for members, but the password is somehow leaked and hundreds of non-members join and effectively steal that prize pool away from genuine members. That's unfair.

      The videos are of great benefit to poker players but we would like to keep them for members use only.