[NL2-NL10] NL25 hand

    • henkkdemoedt
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      NL25 6 handed

      Villain SB (316 BB)
      Hero (256 BB)

      Preflop: Hero is BU with K :club: Q :club:
      MP1 folds, MP2 folds, CO folds, Hero raises to 4BB, SB reraises to 6BB, BB folds, Hero calls 2 BB

      Flop: (13 BB) J :club: 9 :heart: T :heart:
      SB checks, Hero bets 20 BB, SB raises to 80 BB, Hero calls

      Turn: (173 BB) A :club:
      SB checks, Hero bets 40 BB, SB raises to 120 BB, Hero raises All in, (170 BB), SB calls

      River: (512 BB) T :diamond:

      SB shows: A :diamond: A :heart:

      what did Hero do wrong?

      oops posted in the wrong section how can i delete/transfer this thread?
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    • frzl
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      hero got unlucky :D
      i´m only playing sss but the turn bet looks too small to me.

      wrong forum btw :D

      i think cirith is able to move threads. just wait for him.
    • klonoa
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      u kind of overbet on the flop and underbet on the turn
    • mchaggis
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      hard to tell when the results are here, but I'd bet 9 on the flop and then about 2/3 of the pot on the turn
    • Nunki
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      1) Incuded results in post

      2)Overbet flop

      3)Did not 3-bet flop

      4)Did not bet enough on turn
    • undercover82
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      since you overbet the flop and he reraised you big , you should go all in directly there. Your straight is very vulnerable and he might be having a set there , or a flush draw with overcards. But you were still ahead when you pushed the rest of your money in , so overall its bad luck more than bad play.
      Something seems off with the amount of BB's though. If you raised to 4 BB how did he only reraise to 6? 7 should be the minimum amount for a reraise.