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[NL2-NL10] nl100 78 TPWK freeplay

    • WildBeans
      Joined: 23.09.2008 Posts: 586
      I decided to bet just to define my hand. I wasn't going to just give up a random turn card. But the donk bet on the river was too strong. However, his aggression factor makes me reconsider. For the various streets, he is 1.8/2.3/4.4 - so in a sense the sudden bet on the river fits in with how he had been playing hands.. (4k hands by the way and he's 30/13)
      Hand converted with online hand converter:

      Play hand

      $0.5/$1 No-Limit Hold'em (8 handed)

      Known players:

      Preflop: Hero is BB with 8, 7.
      5 folds, BU calls $1.00, SB calls $0.50, Hero checks.

      Flop: ($3) 7, 2, 2 (3 players)
      SB checks, Hero bets $2.50, BU folds, SB calls $2.50.

      Turn: ($8) Q (2 players)
      SB checks, Hero bets $4.00, SB calls $4.00.

      River: ($16) 3 (2 players)
      SB bets $16.00, Hero folds, SB gets uncalled bet back.

      Final Pot: $16.
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    • dandycal
      Joined: 10.10.2008 Posts: 1,711
      He might have the flush here, but I also think he could bet R with 33-66 or a complete bluff given his fishy vpip+River AF. Is his WTS also very high?

      I'd probably bet more on Turn for protection/value and call his bet on the river, and note down his move.
    • Ishindar
      Joined: 31.12.2008 Posts: 259
      looking at his agression factors and considering his weak check on flop and turn, he is definitely drawing. easy to say in hindsight but a pot bet on the turn would be likely to take the pot.
    • Gerv
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 17,678
      The amount of hands he is continueing with on the River he is raising/betting them most of the time. That way I easily give it up on the River

      but why 50% turnbet ? If you know he is drawing, why dont you bet more? I bet like $6.5 there.

      Once again AF is a statistic that has to be used in conjunction with other stats/context

      - Gerv
    • tigerK
      Joined: 14.10.2008 Posts: 4,566
      The only mistake is your bet turn. It looks very very weak, just like you were yelling to him "I have the 7 with a bad kicker i'm hesitating between protection and pot control". Bet 2/3pot for value turn.

      At the river, it is a check/fold on any card except a 7. Especially when the draw is realised though.