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Best Place in Vegas to play NL200?

    • bignamba10
      Joined: 10.10.2008 Posts: 30
      Hey there!

      I think I've said everything in the subject! I usually grind NL100 FR with, it seems, +EV (who knows what 15K hands mean...), and I am going to Vegas for the first time this week-end. As I think NL400, which is the most common low limit you can find there, would be a little above my BR, I would like to find a good place to play NL200, even if the relative rake is higher. I already know that the Mirage has such tables, but I haven't found any other place. Does someone know another/a better place to grind NL200 hopefully profitably? And while we're at it, any specific MTT/SNG I should play there with a low average level?

      I'd be really grateful for answers, as I don't want to spend my first day there looking for the place to be!

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    • iamblueandurmine
      Joined: 11.07.2008 Posts: 130
      For 200Nl

      MGM GRAND, if you can tolerate the loud annoying iterative music from the bar beside it or have a good pair of BOSE headphones this is a nice place to play, can be very protifable esp if there is a big conference in town (they stay at the MGM signature a lot) or even fight night!

      The mirage As you mentioned, this has an excellent card room, comfortable chairs with large tables and great drinks! probably my favourite card room. Not as fishy as it used to be but at the right times you can find some real idiots coming in waving there cash around in their D&G money clip.

      Treasure island/Monte Carlo/Luxor etc Some of the smaller, not so popular card rooms have big potential for profit, it you can handle the annoying southern American tourists and not get pulled into playing their loose passive limpfest you can find money to be made. TI plays 300NL 1/3 blinds and there are many poor players.

      Venetian prob the only card room i'd stay away from at 200NL, i dont have much experience there but when i did play it the level was much higher than everywhere else with 4 or 5 players sitting with 600-1000 and you could feel the analysing eyes on you as soon as you sat down. Beautiful casino and cardroom but not a place for an easy game.
    • raun
      Joined: 15.07.2007 Posts: 746
      i have never been to a casino but i have been wondering.

      is it possible to play sss?

      do they allow such small buyins?

      are there lots of tables so that you can move if you double up?
    • mojojo16
      Joined: 24.02.2009 Posts: 59
      Flamingo has a 24/7 game going and its really fishy and if you play 4 hours in a day they enter you into a $1000 freeroll at 8pm. (I won it for $400 :) )

      And the Rio has a $2000 freeroll every night that usually just gets chopped every time - $100 bucks each usually since no one sticks around until late at night
    • jonnyquest
      Joined: 21.09.2009 Posts: 285

      I would play at the MGM, it was full of morons trying to be Gus Hanson when I was there during a UFC weekend.

      Good Luck
    • buhhy
      Joined: 15.09.2009 Posts: 127
      Originally posted by raun
      i have never been to a casino but i have been wondering.

      is it possible to play sss?

      do they allow such small buyins?

      are there lots of tables so that you can move if you double up?
      Why would you want to SSS in live poker anyways? The main points of playing SSS is to multitable and fold many hands. Live poker is alot slower and you can't multitable. You would probably only get dealt 1/3 of the hands as in online poker. It would be pretty damn boring.

      But yeah, I'm not completely sure on the minimum buyin, but I think it's higher than 20BB at the casino near my place. And there, there are extremely long lines for a poker table, so if you get up, you gotta wait a while to sit down again.