Hello everyone, i've been on here for a few months now but I haven't really made much of a contribution although I have been reading articles all the time. Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this post, if it is then please move it to the correct place.

I have turned my $50 starting capital on Cake into $250 playing SSS at the 0.10/0.20 tables and then played at the next stake getting the last $50 or so.

However, my main site is pokerstars which isn't tracked by pokerstrategy. I have turned the $80 I had on stars into $800. I have done this by playing 0.10/0.25 SSS, $3 18-27 man sit and gos and $4 180 mans.

As I play a lot of different games in poker i'm not sure which to play. I feel cash games are the easiest way to make money but also the quickest, MTT's gets nice big cashes but also variance is higher, whereas sit and gos can sometimes feel like a lot of effort for not much profit.

I seem to do well at all of these games as they are low stakes but I haven't moved up limits. I'm not sure whether continue playing a mixture of poker as i'm doing well or to move up limits. I have moved all my bankroll to stars now so I have $1k in my account.

The money in my account is going to be used for my summer as I plan to travel before getting a graduate job in september. I do not want to lose the bankroll and I obviously want to win as much as possible in that time frame. A realistic aim I believe is to have $2k in my account by the end of May when I will travel.

Does anyone have suggestions to what I should do? My name is kan0 on stars if you want to check out my stats.

I also want to analyse my game a lot more in order to improve, what does everyone use? I am going to try out PT3 and HEM but I can't seem to get them to work at the moment. For example, I want to analyse my hands thoughout a whole tournament.

Sorry to include all this waffle, and thanks for your help in advance!