Playing back a SH reg using stats

    • cryoburn
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      I play SH with a reg (+1k hands) with a very low Flop Cbet% (35%) and high Turn Cbet% (63%) and River Cbet% is 67%.
      I definetly give credit to his Flop Cbets. And I only continue with a very good made hand or with a good draw to the nuts because with his betting % (2nd and 3rd barreling) on later streets i know i'm going to get it in by the river if i make my draw.
      (I don't think he really pays too much attention to the other players since i keep 3B light IP, 4B to his light SQ (14%), and 5B light when he 4B my SQ).

      His stats:
      VP 22 PF 20 3B 6.5 SQ 14% CC 3.5% AF 4.1
      Flop Cbet 35% FvFlop Cbet 57% CvFlop Cbet 0% RvFlop Cbet 43%
      Turn Cbet 63%
      River Cbet 67%
      (other stats just ask me)

      But my questions are:

      What hand should i continue on the flop when he Cbets flop?

      What if he raises PF, checks flop and bets turn?
      What should I consider in that case?
      Does it mean just a high 2nd barrel % or should i give him less credit when he checks the flop and bets turn? Would TPTK be good here? Should I fold if he bets on a scare card or should a raise it? (always having in mind is PFR range)
      Any other advice?

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    • lennonac
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      An easy way to solve this is to never and i mean never check back the flop, if he is in position then why are you playing oop. I think oop you have to play ABC poker you will never make anymoney oop.
    • cryoburn
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      Although I did precisely that in those situations (which I noticed after reviewing some of the hands) I wasn't quite aware I was doing it. And thanks, I'm glad for your reply because it made me realise of such an easy solution. :f_grin:
      And I think I never played against him cold calling OOP. I usually don't play OOP unless I 3B in the blinds and the PF raiser ends up calling.

      Btw, in this last situation I should try to play ABC poker? I'm asking that because I notice that a lot of fishier or LAG players tend to call a 3B IP with a small to medium pair. And therefore would barreling work on some proper boards? e.g. with an A, K or Q on the board.