Playing in only Rebuy MTTs?

    • KidPokersKid
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      Do we have a much larger edge in these events because at these stakes there are a ton of idiots who will continue to buy chips and play like morons AND the fact that I will have the edge in the early phases when I am playing against those fish who get lucky and pick up double or triple stacks? All my successes have come from Rebuy or 1Rebuy events I rarely make it far in other kinds of MTTs, though its a small sample should I continue in this fashion? OR is it better that I start playing other types of MTTs?

      I have been playing mostly in low stakes rebuy MTTs the lowest one I play is a 3.30 Rebuy only because it is a GTD other wise I stick to the $5.50 & $11 rebuys.... I really enjoy 1 Rebuy + 1 Addon events though :s_biggrin:
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    • fakedurrr
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      If u buy rebuy instantly at the first hand and use addon and I think u have nmuch bigger edge
    • THeGaME23
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    • qcjunior
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      I never re-buy or add-on unless I will get atleast a 3:1 return on my investment, based on lowest pay-out.
      Fulltilt offers a 1K, 0.10$ buy in/0.50$ rebuy add on.If I double buy in, then later add on, I will have spent $1.10, with the lowest pay outs being at $2, hardly a worth while return on my investment.
      Pokerstars offers a 40K,$3.30 buy in/$3.0 rebuy add on,(usually 7K-10K ppl boosting the prize pool to 70K-80K after rebuys add ons),with lowest pay outs starting at $25<.If I get busted by a cooler early i will re-buy and only then add on if my current stack is at least 6x's my original stating stack(9K-10k).If i am only a few hundred chips or one level away from push & fold, an add on is out of the question.
      I don't see a double buy in as an advantage,I am not changing my ABC,TAG style when I play freeze outs or re buys.If the LAG fish only has 1500 chips, then I don't need 3000 chips to bust him.

    • lennonac
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      you are giving up a huge edge by playing the same in a freeze out as in a rebuy.
    • peche025
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      I think a double buy in is a must, a single buy in is like buying into a cash game for 50BB instead of 100. You have to have the stack incase you pick up a hand. It can make a huge difference just think about it, doubling to 4000 instead of 8000, well this is only my opinion but I think there is logic to it.
    • blankcheque
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      It is definately worth the rebuy at the start, it a must. I only add on though if i am doing well in the tournament. I agree with the comments in the post above