• krekeris
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      While I was studying PS Equilator I noticed some interesting thing's that might improve my game when playing with stats.

      Lets say I'm playing SSS on NL10 and here is the situation.

      Hero(2$): MP3 with AQo

      UTG3 raises to 0.40$ and his Pre-flop raise is 12%

      What should I do? Just because Equilator shows that I have 52,056% agenst his range, should I call?

      And another question.

      I have been playing on Titan Poker for a bit more than a month, and I have been playing the basic SHC without exceptions and I have barely made only about +8$ and played about 7k hand's. It's probably because on NL10 it is impossible to get a table with less than 5 SSS'ers, so most of player's are tight.

      My question is, how can I know when to start adding some advanced thing's to my game, that would increase my earnings and where should I learn them?
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    • THeGaME23
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      I'm not %100 sure on this, but I think that his pre flop range is %12 from all positions. So from an early position I would tighten up his range a bit. Plus you never know if your ahead if an ace hits, he could have AK or AA, but since you hit your A you have to call all in on the flop. I would fold AQ against any raise from early position except from players you have a specific read or the stats said he has a wide range. Just my opinion though and I'm somewhat of a beginner.