How to play Super Turbo SNG's

    • AndreasD125
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      Hi everybody

      I'm playing the 2$ SNG's on FTP and would have enough money in my bankroll to play 3$ SNG's. However FTP only offers the 3$ Super Turbo SNG's in which everyone starts with just 300 chips and Blinds 15/30. Now I was wondering how to play those SNG's. Do you just play like it's late phase of a normal SNG and play Push or Fold? Or is there a better way to play these?
      Thanks for all answers in advance
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    • davecc
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      Its essentially late phase AFAIK. Lots of variance.
    • GunFlavoured
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      Originally posted by davecc
      Its essentially late phase AFAIK. Lots of variance.
      +1 they are very fishy at the lower limits <$30 but be prepared for devistating variance. Basically just push or fold gameplay, shouldn't take too long to move up to the next normal limit since the games are short and fairly easy.