Made a mistake LOL

    • davecc
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      Ok, this hand made me laugh after. (sorry just the text from chat of a replay)

      Hand #15650862785 begins at 2009/10/28

      Dealt to CaIlStation [5s 5d]
      ellsworthqb_13 posts the small blind of $0.05
      Tyler9Durden posts the big blind of $0.10
      pokeryan9 folds.
      CaIlStation calls $0.10.
      heem85ss calls $0.10.
      scoopyPKR folds.
      ellsworthqb_13 calls $0.05.
      Tyler9Durden checks.

      Flop [5c 8d Kc]

      ellsworthqb_13 checks.
      Tyler9Durden checks.
      CaIlStation bets $0.30. <---- (flush draw, didnt want to lose the 55 to a draw)
      heem85ss folds.
      ellsworthqb_13 calls $0.30.
      Tyler9Durden folds.

      Turn [Ks]

      ellsworthqb_13 checks.
      CaIlStation checks.

      Dealing River [8s]

      ellsworthqb_13 bets $0.40.
      CaIlStation raises to $1.90.
      ellsworthqb_13 calls $1.08, and is all-in.

      ellsworthqb_13 shows [9s Kd]
      ellsworthqb_13 has Full House, Kings full of Eights
      CaIlStation shows [5s 5d]
      CaIlStation has Full House, Fives full of Kings
      ellsworthqb_13 wins $3.70

      I didnt pay attention to the river, and played the exact opposite of how I meant to!

      lol >.<
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    • lennonac
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      The only thing I see wrong is you should be trying to get it in on the turn, why are you checking it?
    • davecc
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      I had put him on a king during the hand, but got busy at another table. In hind sight it I probably should have bet but I wanted to look weak since I had him beat with his trips vs my full house.

      also he could have had AA, however unlikely.