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A nice hand for AA (finally haha)

    • davecc
      Joined: 01.10.2009 Posts: 72
      I usually win about 5 bb per AA somehow (folds etc)

      this one turned out nicely.

      Hand #15651190895 begins at 2009/10/28
      Dealing down cards
      Dealt to CaIlStation [As Ad]
      CaIlStation posts the small blind of $0.05
      Mr_Bobo78 posts the big blind of $0.10
      April0219 posts the dead big blind of $0.10
      RodBody calls $0.10.
      jspitty folds.
      April0219 checks.
      krisandjenn84 calls $0.10.
      CaIlStation raises to $0.40.
      Mr_Bobo78 folds.
      RodBody calls $0.30.
      April0219 calls $0.30.
      krisandjenn84 calls $0.30.

      nice preflop pot...

      Dealing Flop [Ac 5h 2h]

      CaIlStation checks.
      RodBody checks.
      April0219 bets $0.40.
      krisandjenn84 calls $0.40.
      CaIlStation raises to $1.90.
      RodBody calls $1.90.
      April0219 folds.
      krisandjenn84 calls $1.50.

      Dealing Turn [9s]

      CaIlStation bets $5.11, and is all-in.
      RodBody calls $5.11.
      krisandjenn84 calls $1.02, and is all-in.

      Dealing River [5d]

      CaIlStation bets.
      RodBody calls.
      krisandjenn84 calls.

      CaIlStation shows [As Ad]
      CaIlStation has Full House, Aces full of Fives
      RodBody shows [Ah Qs]
      RodBody has Two Pair, Aces and Fives
      krisandjenn84 shows [9h 8h]
      krisandjenn84 has Two Pair, Nines and Fives

      CaIlStation wins $17.78

      How about that?
      One chasing a flush (good move)
      One donking
      One me =D

      On a side note, honest to god Ive gotten AA 2 kk 2 qq and a jj within the last 10 minutes, playing 3 tables.
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