mid strength made hands with drawy boards

    • bradomurder
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      This has come up a bit recently

      i'm gonna have to make up a hand cos i cant find one:

      Hero is BB with A:heart: 6 :spade:

      UTG, UTG+1, CO and BU call, hero checks

      flop: A :diamond: 10 :diamond: 8 :club:

      I'm struggling with the line to take in these situations I almost leaning toward bet/fold but dunno

      and if theres a caller or 2 and the turn is J :spade:

      say 20+ BB stack

      any feedback useful or general advice?
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    • THeGaME23
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      It matters on what happened pre flop. I would say in most situations with 2 or more players I would just check call.

      EDIT: I was tired at the time sorry. Bet/fold is the proper line to take. Check call gets you no information, and if they bet again you have no option but to fold, if they check you check and then that induces a river bluff. Definitely bet/fold.
    • DarkNeo1
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      I normally play bet/fold in these situations and check folding to any turn that completes a draw.
      I used to go broke a lot in MTT's playing hands from the sb or bb with medium strength hands.
      What i tell myself know is that i didn't choose to play this hand and I don't wanna go broke playing garbage.Allways take extra care when in these situations as they can mean the end of your tournament if you are not.
    • TheRebuz
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      i play check/call flop
      donk turn 3/5 pot fold if got reraised
    • budzior
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      Me too. Dont like leading out here and build up the pot.