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Live hand

    • enemaze
      Joined: 06.06.2009 Posts: 608
      Just played a live game. Pretty sick hand i had there:

      SB: Hero about 250 BBs deep
      BB: decent TAG, havent played a lot of hands with him, has me covered
      MP2: Calling station, 150 bbs deep
      MP3: Loose passive pretty bad player. Dont remember how much he had.
      CO: LAG, solid player, huge stack, like 600 BBs
      BU: Kinda unknown, seems like a weak TAG/nit, about 150 BBs deep

      Hero has 99
      MP2 posts a stradel
      MP3 folds
      CO calls
      BU raises to 10 BBs
      Hero calls 10 BBs
      BB calls 10 BBs
      MP2 calls 10 BBs
      CO calls 10 BBs

      I wasnt sure whether or not to isolate BU, at best i can hope for a flip against him. I figured it was better to induce calls from the looser players and play for set value.

      Flop: 9c 2c 5nonclub

      Awesome flop, but relatively dry, i check and plan to c/r, hoping BU has on overpair. unfortunately it's checked around.

      Turn: Jc

      Hero bets 20 bb, BB calls, folded to BU who calls too.

      Turn completes FD. I bet 20 bbs, i dont plan on folding, and in case i get raised, it will cost me less to call for my 10 FH outs.

      River: 5 non-club

      Herobets 35 bbs, BB goes all in, BU folds, Hero calls and is all in.

      Since the board is so dry, i make a 35 bb value bet (in relation to the pot it may seem very small, on the verge of too small. But the players dont relate the bet to the pot in the game, and that's considered a pretty big bet).
      BB tanks, declares time on himself, eventually he pushes. BU instafolded.

      Im pretty sure BB wont shove the nut flush on a paired board, but it's not completely impossible since he's unkown. I also dont think he'll call 10 bbs w/ something like 59,5J etc.
      So he has either 22,55,JJ.
      I've seen him play, and im pretty sure he would defend JJ from the flush draw and overcards, and probably raise the turn, if not donk the flop. That means 22 or 55. With the worst boat im not sure he would go broke, but i dont really know him that well.
      It kinda seems that the only reasonable hand he would shove with is 55, and his hollywood after my river bet is pretty much a red light.

      I didnt analyze the hand so deeply, i basically decided im going broke here, if he has 55 or jj NH.

      Given these reads, can you even consider folding?!
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    • delete461
      Joined: 04.07.2008 Posts: 1,036
      nah you cant fold there

      I think your plan on flop is ok even though it failed, c/r is fine especially in a live game where players have time to convince themselves you are bluffing.

      On the turn your bet of 1/3 potsize is a bit weak. It doesnt really protect you from a 1-card flushdraw and doesnt conceal your hand, it makes it look like you are afraid of the flush. Whether you have the flush, a set or are bluffing, you should always bet the same amount.

      Nicely played on the river. Play this like the nuts in a live game, do whatever you can to get as many of your opponents chips in as possible.