Is this normal?

    • bullet101
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      Hi , ive been doing farely well lately, except for earlier on... I lost 5 double or nothing sit n gos in one session with no wins! That proves to be quite a setback! And im left confused and not sure what to do next, because i feel im on tilt now. Just want to know from other players if its normal to lose that many in a row, and what do you do after a session like that? Your help would be much appreciated... ?(
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    • tokyoaces
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      The reason SNG buy in requirements are 30 buy-ins is because it is possible to lose 20+ in a row. Losing 5 in a row is completely normal even for expert players.

      At the same time I would make sure you understand the huge differences between the strategy for a DoN and a regular SNG.
    • Snarf85
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      Aaaand, if you play SnGs for any period of time you come to realise that even a 30 BI BRM is kind of a joke. 50-100 BI swings can and do happen. I myself am just recovering from like a 70 BI downer which went on for over 1000 games (Snarf1985 on Stars, check my graph if you like).

      5 straight losses is nothing at all (though I don't play DoNs myself, I play 6-max Turbos, I imagine the variance is much less with DoNs but still, I can't imagine 5 BI is anything to worry about).
    • Skeat
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      I played a total of 400~500 DoNs so far, quite always in sets of 10. There were times I lost 9 out of 10, or win 9 out of 10. And my sample is quite small.
    • DecMate
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      Yeah trust me i know exactally how you feel.
      I don't play DoN's but i did play normal SnG's, and i ran so good for ages, so i moved up, and then a huge swing occured, and i didn't move down in limits and kept trying to grind the higher limit, but after reading a few articles and finding my feet in the game again, i managed to bring back my BR nicely :)

      im currently grinding cash games :f_biggrin:
      Good luck with them anyway, and never give up, keep reading articles and watch videos!