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      :spade: Name : Rus Adrian Raul
      Age : 19
      Occupation : Student (economycs)/ Semi-pro wannabe

      :heart: Hobbies : Poker (go figure :f_biggrin: ) , Sports (jogging, hitting the gym, football, tennis etc.)
      Currently playing football in the 5th Romanian League :s_ugly: (let's call it football..but at a lower level)

      :diamond: Goals : get rich and never have to work for anyone else but myself.

      :club: Aaannd... Here we go!
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      x Insignificant post.
    • MaCe90
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      x The real deal starts a couple of posts below.
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      :spade: Hello, world! Me , again ...

      :heart: Coming with kind of the last update for a while, because I got some sort of a challenge going on, and I'll put HotShot on hold for a while! Will be back though, at the end of the month, AT MOST! I might not go that far ...but we'll see! Hopefully, when the month ends, I'll be able to play with around 1,5 - 2k $ .

      :diamond: HotShot Bankroll : 999$
      Hours played : never mind .
      FPP : 153

      :club: Best of luck to me, YOU'LL BE HEARING from ME soon .

      :f_cool: Greetings, MaCe90 :f_cool:
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      :spade: Hey everyone! I'm back ...and this time its for real!

      So far, I haven't been able to bring discipline to my game, I can't say I studied that much , but that is all going to change. I've read all of JuiceQuadre's blog, which really, trully inspired me. And I'm going to take the same path he did (hopefully) .

      :heart: The idea!

      I've decided to use Juice's VoI feature, which might not sound (to other people) as cool as I think it is (Yes, I love it! :D ) but I find it very usefull in measuring my study volume.

      And with his approval of course , I quote :

      "And all of this improves our Value of Improvement.
      -Every read or reread article gives me + 2 VoI
      -Every video watched or rewatched gives me +3 VoI
      -Every live coaching gives me +5 VoI
      -Every hand posted and discussed gives me + 1 VoI
      -Every 1000 hands played gives me + 1VoI"

      :diamond: The plan!

      For the rest of this month I'm going to keep playing on HotShot Poker , to clear the remaining 70$ from the FDB . Also, I'll be playing on Unibet, where I've got some sort of challenge going on, so I don't play my own money there and I can go as low as -200eur without actually losing anything. I'm +20eur for the moment (+eventual bonuses) over there.

      Next month , I'll be moving all my HotShot BR + eventual profits from Unibet to Cake Poker through PokerStrategy, so that I'm tracked and manage to reach higher statuses, and study more and more.
      :club: The goals!

      First of all the general goals would be , take VoI a.s.a.p to 1000 and reach 2000$ to move to NL50 ( no time limit, but preferable, not further than the 1st of February).

      Now for this remaining of the month goals :

      ~ Pull some profit on Unibet
      ~ Clear the 70$ Bonus
      ~ 50VoI (taking things slowly)

      I won't put the accent on the financial part anymore, but so that you know where I stand HotShot Bankroll : 1115$

      That would be all for now. Best of luck to everyone!

      L.E. : I almost forgot , I play 12 tables of NL20 FR on HotShot (Cake Network) to clear the remaining bonus. If things go well, I'll play the same on Cake Poker , if not, I'll be switching back to 6-max (my fav. game) .
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      Hi mate!! =)

      Nice to see you decided to resurrect your blog. =)

      I hope ull VoI will grow up fast.

      Wish you best luck at the tables!=)
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      :spade: Greetings to you too, mate! :)

      I wish I had a better (re)start for this blog, but unfortunately , today was a pretty sad day, and ended likewise.

      :heart: Injury ... physically

      An injury I got yesterday at a football match, proved to be more serious than I thought (could be a broken ankle) , had to watch my fellow team mates from the sideline today ... and I'll be waiting a couple of more days before taking into consideration visiting a doctor.

      :diamond: Injury ... poker wise

      Just ended one of the worst days of this year, I believe. After pulling an 66eur loss on Unibet (have been up to 86eur , with top at +180eur ..the donkey in me brought me almost back to 0 ) , I've managed to go as high as an 80$ loss on HotShot, after getting crushed at almost every hand I played.

      But, I won't go THERE ..I will not say I'm going through a downswing , because as we all now, downswing is an excuse, and its retarded plays like the following that makes us go into those ugly and dark places, that is the retarded subconsciousness which takes us closer and closer to the enemy that is the tilt. Fortunately, I got out after I lost my 4th buy in because I think I was playing my Y game after losing my 4bet AK and 3/4 C-bet on the flop to the dude with 9 7 off suit and a flop of A 2 7 and a 9 on the turn.

      About the retarded hand, Voila!

      Could I get more stupid?

      :club: The attitude...

      Anyways, I recently changed my poker mindset , and what was before something like Phill Helmuths ("To you is a game man, to me its my life") is now something like .." I've never deposited a single penny of my own money into poker (and will never do) , no matter how much I lose is a game, and this are not even trully hard worked money... I'll do my best to improve my game and give all I have to this GAME , but with 0 stress , I'll just go with the flow :f_biggrin:

      And besides , I've always been a positive thinker, not just in poker, but in life .. so I say : "Don't worry, be happy! Tomorrow will be a better day."

      Gosh, I guess I bore you all to death allready , and I've just begun ... :s_cool:

      You'll be hearing from me tomorrow. Best of luck, MaCe90!
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      :spade: Some update...

      After rain comes the sun they say , and it really did.

      Played a smallish session this morning (after the killing spree in which I was involved yesterday) and altough I lost 6eur I really felt better, mainly because I was playing better.

      The night session , was a blast , altough it might not be that much, I actually won 45eur! And in the conditions I'll explain below (*today I only played on Unibet)

      :heart: Some changes...

      So, I began my morning session , playing the same tilted, unfocused style as yesterday , 9 tabling the 6-max tables and raising and c-betting without succes like crazy, went like 40eur down, and then stopped, slapped myself , closed 3 tables, and started playing focused ...of course results were almost instant, I started to actually win pots, and managed to get some money back, ending the session with -6eur.

      Went to school, then got out with some friends, playing darts like crazy (we were supposed to play only one game, ended up playing for like 2 hours ~ there goes my HotShot session ~ screw discipline, gotta live life first).

      Got back, and got into poker again, for the night session. Awfull beginning, losing QQ vs KK and KK vs AA on dry boards for full buy ins, and losing another couple of ugly hands, was down to -70eur , thank about getting out, but had no real reason , since I was playing really well, in the last 40 minutes I won 115eur :s_thumbsup: , ending with some nice profit!

      :diamond: Some picture/song/joke...

      Here's a nice picture of Bistrita Valley, I shall post some pictures of my little town along with some nice songs , and why not some jokes (maybe this way I'll get some more viewers :s_love: )

      Q: How do I put the videos directly here? (help pliz)

      Joke :
      - Name?
      - Abdul al-Rhazib
      - Sex?
      - Three to five times a week
      - No, no! I mean male or female?
      - Male, female, sometimes camel...
      - Holy cow!
      - Yes. Cow, sheep... animals in general.
      - But isn't that hostile?
      - Horse style, doggy style, any style!
      - Oh dear!
      - No, no! Deer run too fast!

      :club: Final thoughts...

      Mood is better, ankle is better, bankroll is better so ... life is better! Will be back tomorrow, best of luck to everyone!
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      Fail, didnt manage to do it either :P

      Nice blog! Will definitly be watching this!

      I really like the VoI consept!
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      Mult succes Adi!

      :) am sa urmaresc blogul.


      Translation for those who don't know romanian (shame on you :D ):
      I wish you success Adrian!

      :) i will follow your blog.

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      Greetings everyone! And thank you for the feedback gabi and luckysim! :f_love:

      :spade: Huge change...

      Shortly, last 4-5 days I was playing like a robot and I was blaming downswing for this. :s_cry:
      Yesterday I started changing that and focusing more with some good results! Today, ooh today :s_evil: I just felt like I was crushing NL20 both FR and SH (on HotShot and Unibet). I really believe I played my A-game , and the results were obvious - no more spewing around and profits on almost every table (non showdown winnings ftw! ~ shame I can't/don't know how to use PT3 , which I have in my computer) .

      I won about 80$ on HotShot, and about 3eur on Unibet for the reasons posted below. I played 12 tables (11 FR NLH20 + 1 PLO10 to entertain myself on HotShot and 6-tabling the NL20 6-max tables on Unibet)

      :heart: The beauty, the beastS and an Omaha hand... (horror inside these 2 ~ the reason why I did not end the session with at least 100eur profit!)

      Oh well, a piece of advice ... don't slowplay your middle sets because some luckbox fish like me might always get runner runner flush against you :f_cool: .

      :diamond: The pic, the joke, and the song...

      Beautiful lake 60 Km away from my town

      The least funny joke ->
      The wolf chases the Girl with the red riding hood through the forest. She runs , runs and runs and finally she gets to her granma's house.
      LECTURE : A girls best friends are her legs.
      Second day , The Wolf chases the Girl with the red riding hood through the forest, catches her and rapes her.
      LECTURE : Even best friends can break up!

      The Song : some Romanian Hit just for my (bored) viewers :D

      :club: Tomorrow..,

      ... after I wake up, I will read some articles, browse some blogs , then play some poker, cause there's no school . Tomorrow night ->:s_cool: BIG PARTY! :s_cool:

      Will be hearing from me soon, best of luck everyone!
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      HI =)

      You really are doing the best you can with your blog =) Keep it up! Sounds like nice read + the pictures + the jokes.. Really like it =)
      (Btw you might put the link in ur signature.. So that if you happen to post in other threads ppl might come to ur blog and post some motivating things which will make you happy :P i know that =) )

      Also gratz on ur winnings today =)
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      Greetings everyone! Update time!

      :spade: So...

      ... today I woke up with a nasty cold (untill today I thought I was imune :s_o: ) , got into quarantine ( uncountable cups of tea with honey, tons of lemon & oranges & apples & medicines, also dressed up and got myself into bed sweating like a pig - OUT you m.f. germs OUT!!). Feeling like crap all day long , I skipped my daily abs & buns routine , didn't go to gym either, and watched the WSOP Main Event Final Table instead.

      What did I think of the final table ?

      IMO , each and every player besides the two established and well known pros and probably Antoine Saout (which I find to be the best final table player along with Ivey (I mean, he even outplayed Ivey) ) , so each of them got touched by the national television syndrome and as a result ...well, you've all seen it ( retarded moves + retarded luck = fun for the common man , NOT FUN for the poker player) .

      Further more , I also skipped my planned party and other invitations to get out ( I was too lazy to stand still and not to do nothing ... How does that even work ??? )

      Anyways, the treatment had some sort of effect and at about 7:30 PM I decided I would open 12 NL20 FR Tables on HotShot and try to grind as much as I could.

      The result...

      You've heard it! I've just set a new personal best, by managing to play 12 NL20 FR Tables for 4 hours! (remember, I'm a lazy person! , no mean feedback by those who grind for days without ever getting tired or bored.) ~ I usually play sessions of 2 , maximum 3 hours.

      That's not all ! The result of this long session = +80$

      This is the second straight day when I play my A-game and win big! (made about 25$ of rakeback too, these last 2 days) .

      :heart: The hands! ...

      Same as yesterday I played 11 NLH tables and one PLO10 for entertaining purposes.

      First of all, the Omaha hand (against a maniac that would play KK's the same he would Aces - would go with them all the way - that's to explain my maybe stupid call on the flop, figured it was either Q's or K's)

      Inner thoughts while playing this hand -
      Preflop - Heck, it's that maniac again , he sure has a big pocket pair !
      Postflop - Due to pot odds and the fact that I put him on K's or Q's + some backdoor possibilities - I call!!
      Turn - HELL YES!!! Punish him for his over aggresive play with 10's !
      River - WTF ?!?!?! That did not just happen to me :O :O !! :s_cry:

      Another hand that defines what I feel by A-game!

      Feel my sniffiness!!! (even if my sinuses where like blocked)

      :diamond: The picture, the song and the joke...

      Next abroad trip destination - Tunisia! (I'm hoping not later than the end of April)

      For how hasn't heard of "The Lonely Island" you can't miss this! "I'm on a boat " :
      Still no one to help me with the posting of a video ???

      The fisherman , red faced with anger , sits on the shore of the lake for six hours without catching any fish.
      A little 5 years boy and his mum stop near the man.
      - Mister, I want to see you catching a big fish!
      - No, Sir, says mum, don't catch any fish untill he says "Please!" .

      :club: Tomorrow I won't play thah much ...

      ...because I got school and I'll go out for some pool and darts with some old friends, we've got some (a lot) of catching up to do :) .

      Best of luck to everyone! Till next time! :s_cool:
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      A special kind of update

      :spade: Psychology matters ...

      I came to realise how much a good poker mindset means. I mean I'm literally a lazy person ... I'm ashamed to admit that I'm the kind of person that lives by the concept "Nah, I'll do it TOMORROW" . Tomorrow defines most of my actions ... and not only when it comes to poker. So I'm doing my best lately to change ... but it isn't easy to get over something that's been defining your life for a while now .

      Today I decided to set my priorities straight! I might even put them down on paper and do what's important first and all the unimportant activities shall be done when/if I have any time left. That includes at least 4 hours of poker per day , hitting the gym every day from Monday - Friday , 1-2 hours of poker study per day , study some for school, cause exams are not that far away and so on.

      :heart: Bad stuff happening lately...

      So here's what I've managed to 'achieve' in the last couple of days .

      1. Managed to broke my ankle in a football match ( = 2 weeks without any sports/running/nothing really besides some exercises when I go to the gym) . After playing football 3-4 times a week , standing by for 2 weeks is kind of a nightmare.

      2. Managed to bust my Unibet challenge, so no profit will come from there (no loss either , fortunately). All I've got left is those about 1200$ on HotShot . After playing NL20 6-max on Unibet and losing and losing again , I came to the conclusion that I might not be able to beat the SH games , at least not there .

      3. Managed to come down with a nasty nasty cold. Doctor said if I care about my health and don't want it to get worse I shouldn't be getting out of the house untill I get better... so I just vegetate in here for about two days now ( and there are no signs of getting better yet) .

      :diamond: Good stuff happening (?) lately...

      If there's something good about this experience, is that I need to focus more, study more and get more self involved and disciplined.

      I also bought myself a new computer , as a little early Christmas present, so after two years of just poker & movies & internetz I can finally play some Fifa and Counter Strike with my friends :D .

      :club: VoI & Hopes!

      So far, my VoI is around 18 so far , with 4 articles , 2 videos and about 4k hands played.
      As of tomorrow (yea, I know , I promise it is the last time I use this word with the meaning of letting something aside ) , I will do my best to do everything I set myself to do and maybe results will come sooner rather than later.

      Still ~ 50$ to clear on HotShot , and then Cake Poker through PokerStrategy, here I come!!

      No other stuff for you today ! Will be hearing from me tomorrow, greetings everyone!
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      It sounds like you are exactly the same as me. Like you, i recently tried to sort my life out, waking up at 4am the other morning after being unable to sleep I wrote down a list of the things I needed to do.

      Lo-and-behold, I only managed to do 3 out of about 15 things on that list, tidy my room, go shopping and play my designated 500 hands per day. The other stuff I decided "Nah, tomorrow is fine". Buit today is tomorrow, and i've once again bypassed everything and done nothing, except for my 500 hands. Hmmm it seems poker is the only thing i'm actually motivated for :D

      Anyway, back on topic, great blog and hope you recover from you injury soon and get back on the pitch ;) What position do you play by the way?
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      :spade: Hey there , Wriggers!

      Feels good to know someone is reading my blog. I only have about 4 or 5 things on my list, hopefully I'll stick to them.
      As for football, I'm kind of a polyvalent player, I guess I'm the most usefull to the team because I can either play Left midfielder , Right midfielder or Striker . The truth is that I mostly enjoy playing as a right midfielder, but I would play whatever it takes (except goalkeeper) , just to play.

      :heart: Woke up sick as yesterday...

      ...but I feel more motivated and right after I finish eating I'm gonna start studying for poker and Uni (got a middterm exam tomorrow - at English , so no real worries. ) I'm going to grow that baby VoI .

      :diamond: Let the grind begin ...!

      As of today ( that's right , TODAY! , not tomorrow) I'm going to play at least 4hrs per day , maybe two two hours sessions, maybe just one 4 hour one, depends.

      :club: So, may I have good luck later with another update!
    • Wriggers
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      Keep it going there man :) I play Left Midfield, Centre Midfield or Attacking midfield :)

      Anyway, just thought i'd reply, I better get on with a bit of work haha.
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      Greetings, everyone!

      :spade: Update time!

      Everything seems to be coming around , poker goes better, I am feeling better, my ankle is almost fixed and I'm in a better mood.

      :heart: TODAY! I DID :

      - play 4 hrs of poker (~+60$)
      - read 3 psychology articles and watch one of hasenbraten's videos
      - study for my middterm exam!

      So , tomorrow and the next days should confirm if I'm going for a change, or this was just an exception.

      :diamond: Some hands for today.

      Today I played 11 NL20 Hold'em tables and some 5$ HU cause grinding gets boring at times. (results at HU won 4 - lost 1)

      This happened during one of the HU matches. Check out that guy's fold. I wonder what image did he have of me :s_cool: . The thing is that I've played pretty loose and aggresive until than. Oh well...

      And now for a strange hand ... I believe I made a mistake in here, but I got amazingly confused. I should have pushed the river, right ? I mean , if he had a bigger hand that Q's , would he risk the min bet to lose the oportunity to make some more from me ?

      :club: AWESOME Song!! and cool picture. Oh ye, and the regular boring and not fun joke.

      Listening to some new music, I accidentally came across a song with which I fell in love. I can't stop listening to this song. Found it on youtube, but the original recorded song is way better.

      My dream car :f_love:

      Animals putting questions in front of God. The elephant asks :
      - WHy do I have the skin so thick?
      - So that it protects you of everything, for example no mosquito can pinch you.
      The giraffe asks :
      - Why do I have the neck so long ?
      - So that you reach to the high leaves .
      The chicken, pissed off :
      - Don't even try to explain it ! You either make the egg smaller, or the hole bigger.

      Will be back with updates tomorrow! Still have 40$ to clear of my bonus! I set a short term goal right now.
      x Clear 40$ bonus untill Wednesday and withdraw all so that I can make the deposit on Cake and start playing right away in the 1st of December.

      Best of luck to everyone!
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      Really great blog mate!

      And the hands... good idea. I'm gonna post them like that too (if I remember to screenshot and if the history works OK, no connection problem like some show)

      Keep it up!
      The joke and pictures, everything.

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      Funny blog. The song was fun. I like your way of organizing the blog with one song,pictur and joke. It's original. Keep going