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[NL2-NL10] 88 @ Nl4

    • Renmerb
      Joined: 26.06.2009 Posts: 180
      What should be my action here? Should I just let it go?

      I bet the flop with the intention of folding to a re-raise, but felt I should at least try to keep the initiative with only one overcard on the flop.
      When he flat called the flop I felt he was on some sort of draw. The second J on the turn made me quite confident that he did not have a J, but I decided to check here and keep the pot small. My plan was to check it down, but i was willing to call a bet if a card came that did not complete any draw.
      The 9 :diamond: looked quite safe, another over card but blank as far as draws were concerned.

      I feel I may have made an error by not betting the turn, but I was out of position and felt it would be easy for him to represent a J and push me off the hand with a re-raise.

      Known players:

      0.02/0.04 No-Limit Hold'em (9 handed)
      Hand recorder used for this poker hand: Elephant 0.69 by

      Preflop: Hero is MP1 with 8:spade: , 8:diamond:
      2 folds, Hero raises to $0.16, MP2 folds, MP3 calls $0.16, CO calls $0.16, 3 folds.

      Flop: ($0.54) 4:spade: , J:club: , 6:spade: (3 players)
      Hero bets $0.35, MP3 folds, CO calls $0.35.

      Turn: ($1.24) J:diamond: (2 players)
      Hero checks, CO checks.

      River: ($1.24) 9:diamond: (2 players)
      Hero checks, CO bets $1.18, Hero ????
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    • davecc
      Joined: 01.10.2009 Posts: 72
      I think you should bet more on the flop, maybe .45, and then I think either a bet or check on the turn is fine, though I would probably bet it here. If you were behind in the flop, you're still behind. If you are ahead in the flop, you're farther ahead now.

      Bet turn then C/F river with anything short of an 8 showing and be happy about it. Or
      check and check/fold?

      You're usually ahead at this point according to the equilator though. But Co has a low WTS and a high W$SD which is an indicator of his hand here, although this is a small sample of course so it cant be trusted.

      He very well could have a missed flush and is betting the board on you. If 2.3 is not very aggressive than he could have trips or an over pair, but if 2.3 is aggressive I think hes got a missed flush draw.

      Is this reasonable?
    • MaestroOfZerg
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 5,510

      Unless you think villain is aggressive enough to push you off the best hand by bluff raising the turn, i think you're better off betting again for value and folding to a raise. His flop calling range is a few Jx, some TT-77, 6x/4x, and a decent amount of flushdraws, while his turn raising range should be exclusively Jx.

      As played i'm calling the river, i don't think he's randomly betting anything between Jx and a busted draw, tho some players will and you have to spot those guys that will just fire 6x or the likes there for no reason. Since Jx is rare and he chose not to bet the turn, he's either slowplaying or he has a busted draw, i think it's enough for you to call the pot size river bet against a bad loose kinda-aggressive player.

      Hope it helps.