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Regarding "official rules of LIVE poker", are you forced to show your hand when you go all-in?

    • suaveplayer
      Joined: 08.08.2009 Posts: 109
      1- If you go all-in and another players calls, are you forced to show your hand before the flop or can you just show your hole cards after the last card is dealt?

      2- Who has to show the cards first in an all-in, the aggressor or the caller? Or perhaps whoever is first to play in relation to the button?

      3- If someone bluffs with an all-in and you call, and just after you call he gives up his hand knowing he can´t win, mucking his hole cards, are you forced to show your cards
      or you can just take the pot and muck your cards?
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    • Amirapuato
      Joined: 08.07.2007 Posts: 1,105
      1. I don't know, but I think it's shown immediately after the call.

      2. The aggressor.

      3. I believe he can't muck being the aggressor.

      But I'm a live poker fish. ;)
    • Anssi
      Joined: 03.07.2008 Posts: 2,173
      1. Tournaments: when all involved players are all-in, cash when river is dealt, you can muck if you want is you called after he shows.

      2. Can't remember who is re-raising is involved.

      3. You can muck yoo.
    • suaveplayer
      Joined: 08.08.2009 Posts: 109
      Hey Anssi, WTF is this crap? Is my English so Engrish that you have to come in here and post this piece of **** ?
    • elhh82
      Joined: 03.09.2008 Posts: 6,838
      if its a cash game, you can make up your own rules as long as the players on the table agree. But in tournament, i think the standard rules are.

      1. If all-in is before the river, both show immediately once there is no more action, if you refuse to show i think then you're effectively mucking, you can do this if you are drawing dead. If its after the river, you can much if you are beat, or for some reason don't want to win.

      2. If its before the river, it doesn't really matter since both of you have to show. If its after the river, then whoever think they have the best hand should show first. This usually means you are the last aggressor too of course since you'd rarely call down if you know you have the best hand. This is just etiquette and not a rule. If you decide to wait even though you have, say the nuts, then you are slow-rolling, and that is waaaaaaaaaay uncool.

      3. You can muck. Whoever mucks first gives up and loses, it doesn't matter now what you have.