Am I a stupid stupid tool...juno tourney at PS?

    • squallofreeves
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      I am on tilt. it's complicated.
      i am new to poker and i'm usually doing fairly okay at the play money poker on various sites. i am able to stick to the guide - playing premium hands and playing it strong. i am able to fold big hands. And although it is not in the guide, sometimes i slowplay against some opponents and it worked. Sometimes i steal blinds and it worked.

      and then i got invited to the juno invitational at PS (no, this is not the account i chose for my starting capital, i chose FTP. i registered with PS using no referral code and din deposit so maybe that's why they decide to give me a chance). Of course i'm thrilled. so thrilled that i didn't even go and scan my id for the id check when i finally found a scanner after much efforts. Well, it is different there cuz everyone is playing tight. The first time i played, i came in 10+. That shouldn't be the case because i wasn't supposed to get into the hand in the first place. i should have dropped out when someone raised. i shouldn't have gone all in. I know i should at least make it to the final table and even get placed 2nd (1st is hard because i sucked at playing against single opponent most of the time)
      But i was still happy with the very little money i've got and i went to play $3 SNGs. I played twice and got busted out. Again this shouldn't have happened! i just went all in when facing strong opponents and this is stupid! Because these people are generally playing very tight. I have got nothing.

      Final story. Today, i joined the juno tourney again. it is early in the tourney and i folded all my cards, except for the blinds. i was apprehensive because many others called and raised with A/K/Q 7s or less and they won the pot and have got a decent stack.
      I was at SB, and using my tight image, i bluffed with nothing raising 4BBs. The big stack folded and the short stack hanged on. The turn come and i raised 4BBs again. He folded.
      the BB is 50 and i'm on BB, holding 2 unconnected no. hearts. so i checked and see what would happen. 2 hearts came out on the flop and that's where i lost it. i raised and prayed that the others will fold to me. Someone went all in and i called, praying for another heart that didn't come. I lost badly and i went all in at the next turn. i got busted.

      WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??? why did i make all the impossibly bad decisions? I didn't know i would make them until it's done. I went into the tourney today thinking i shouldn't fool around. I will not fool around. I will get to the final table. But this is what happened. What is up with me?! Is there something dysfunctional in me?! Did anyone did the same things i did before and is it normal? Am i addicted to gambling or is poker not suitable for me???

      I still have my chances at the future juno tourney but i'm not confident anymore.
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    • squallofreeves
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      i want to set myself on fire.
    • andyb43
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      Originally posted by squallofreeves
      i want to set myself on fire.
      Whow...........slow down.............

      juno a freeroll?

      relax and enjoy.............suicide not required at this point, wait until you lose $200 in session at least.......... :D
    • mishkagg
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      Dude come on get serious!

      I mean you lost two hands and you think you are a gambling addict? Poker is not about NOT making mistakes. It's about fun and when making mistakes to try to identify them, correct them and move on.

      Tilt is such a deep topic that I don't even want to start dealing with it but you always need self control, always.

      Review your mistakes, try not to repeat them and move on.

      What has happened to you is completely normal, be easy.
    • Dragar
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      Play money is not liek real money... etc etc.

      How you tihnk I feel when I go on tilt and donk off 100$+?

      Common its not that bad
    • THeGaME23
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      If you want to get better at real money poker stop playing play money, no one takes it seriously and its just a mess. Keep playing the free rolls, next time you win some money play SSS at NL2, read the basic strategy articles and stick to them and you will build it from there.
    • MrEnig
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      dude forget play money tables. Right now. You are just wasting your time and, believe me, not learning anything good. Instead of wasting your time there, go buy a book about poker, sit down and read it.
      You do have a good attitude and that's what sets you above many others. And if your bluff didn't quite worked out for few times - dont be angry at yourself.

      So again, dont paly at play money tables. If you do not want to deposit - play freerolls (not for tickets.. play the ones which will get you some cash right away if you get ITM). Then take a look at the $0.10 360man trubo sng's at PS. Those are quite easy!

      Also, you decision to choose $3 turbo SNG's was really not the best one.. you are doomed to bust your bankroll EACH and EVERY time with bankroll management like that. Sooner or later. It is not abnormal even for good players to loose 5-6 SNG's in a row, so take that into account when choosing how much of your bankroll you want to risk with every game.

      Running good? Cashed in 7 out of 10 last sng's? STAY at that level and keep playing at those stakes. Move up only when you can afford to lose the game because of a bad-beat or a suckout, and it wont hurt your bankroll if it happends so. That's what happened to me - was playing $5 and sometimes $10 sng's at PS, was running moderately well and went over-confident of myself. Sharkscoped a developing $20 or $30 sng full of fish and went for it. First hand, pocket QQ, a raise, couple callers, flop AQ + rag. I raise, get re-raised (ok, I think "a fish with his stupid Ace! got him") and two of us are all in. He had pocket Aces. That's what led me into losing all my $120 on that single day, so there I am left grinding those $0.10 sng's with what I've left..
      Originally posted by squallofreeves
      Did anyone did the same things i did before and is it normal?
      As you see - YES. Some of us did same things as you did, in one form or another, which led to a busted bankroll.

      It is devastating and makes you wish you havent sat down to play poker that day when you lost big... But losses will happen so just be ready for them. Swallow it, take a break and get back with your mind clear and sharp.

      I did not intend to write such a long post but it kinda flew-out. Hope it helps at least a bit and will give you something to think and improve on.

      Let us know how your future games unfold :)

      May the flop be with you!
    • rhinoneil
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      Tilt is normal in poker, its how you deal with it that sets you apart.
      I guess that since you havent posted since you wanted to set yourself on fire, you may not be dealing with it too well.
      Everyone loses games, everyone has a bad streak, everyone makes bad decisions sometimes, everyone makes plays that they know they shouldnt be making but still they do it, and everyone forgets their bankroll management at one time or other.
      Just learn from it, stay calm and as everyone else has said, forget play money, its a complete waste of time.
    • MrPavlos
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      Originally posted by andyb43
      Originally posted by squallofreeves
      i want to set myself on fire.
      .suicide not required at this point, wait until you lose $200 in session at least.......... :D
      this made me laugh hard!!

      but seriously all that post for missing a flush draw?relax,study,and start playing with good BRM,study more and more and u ll get good

      good luck in future attempts

      ps. before u start anything,read the psychology articles
    • squallofreeves
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      thank you all for your kind replies!
      I ran into yet another down swing today and i kept buy in at SNGs only to lose with my unstable mind. Hate it when i have KK and all i collect will be blinds. And when i decide to bluff, nobody will be daunted. When I stopped bluffin i ran into bad beats. Didn't get busted but lost my winnings. Have to start building again with what i have left.
      And so here i am, to seek solace in the stories of other people. But instead, i found this thread! Even better.
      Sorry that i didn't follow up - i kept forgetting about threads i have started.