SNG blind structure PS vs FTP

    • nafar84
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      PS: 10 min blinds, starts at 10/20 but very abrupt change especially from 25/50 to 50/100.
      FTP: 6 min blinds, starts at 15/30 but much smoother changes... also there are no antes at any point.

      Which one do you prefer? I've just started checking Stars out for SNG's and the first thing I noticed is that I really don't like their blind structure. To go directly from 25/50 to 50/100 totally changes the dynamics of the game, and I don't see myself taking up SNG's seriously over there.
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    • dienaszaglis
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      I prefer FTP blind structures for two reasons:

      1. smooth changes overall;
      2. 6 min level is perfect for me, I don`t play turbos and 10 min level at PS is too much for me;

      I also don`t like that abrupt level change at PS what you mentioned.
    • mishkagg
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      I play turbos on FTP now and I played on Stars like 2 weeks before.

      On FTP is much better for me cause of the above mentioned reasons. Most of all antes were really annoying. I can see them in MTT but in SNG doesn't seem right and they really change the dynamic of the game too fast.