BB defence in multiway raised pot with reverse dominated hands

    • enemaze
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      Ive noticed a lot of times when i have a reverse dominated hand (weak A etc.) in the BB, and there's a raise with 2-3 coldcallers im not really sure what to do with my hand.
      I get great odds, but i really dont like playing A7-9o multiway. I usually dont even bother with a kicker weaker than 7 and fold.

      Also i've faced this situation:
      Hero: A5o
      Bu raises, SB coldcalls, Hero ???

      Long story short, what's the best way to deal with these kinds of situations?
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    • Berkstajger
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      Interesting topic, I have the same problems too. I usually call, because I think only one bothering me here is the original raiser as strong aces are usually not limped pf, so I think I have an edge on limpers (of course I've came across a guy limping AA, but that's rather an exception... :tongue: ). If flop is good for me (A) I c/r it, otherwise I fold or call one more bet.

      Suited aces are of course easy call for me. :)

      The written situation - I fold against low AF and call aggresive blind stealers, although I think it would be a good line to 3bet(against aggro) to isolate SB on which I have position. Since he coldcalled BU raise, he won't cap and I have a good position to cbet as he will put me on much better hand than I have.

      Just my 2 cents. :)
    • DarthBobo
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      In this situation I try to use common sense. You can play the hand as long as you know WHY you're playing it.

      In a raised pot with 2 coldcallers, why would you play A7o?

      If you hit the A, you'll be dominated a lot of times. Even your one pair may not be good against 3 other players.
      If you hit the 7 you're in for some trouble.

      You'll be playing out of position the entire hand.

      So when are you going to get a favourable flop? There are not many!
      So I tend to fold unless the other players are complete crap.
      A suited hand is another story.

      Hero: A5o Bu raises, SB coldcalls, Hero ???

      Here you have to call. His raising range is so big. And SB is probably a fish cause he's calling. So if you hit the A you'll have a good chance at taking down the pot.
    • ciRith
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      Hi enemaze,

      against a raise from BU A5o is not that bad. Just look at the hands you openraise and you see there are a lot that you beat. Sure you are no favorite and you often will lose against a better ace but your equity is still big enough to call preflop.

      As it's 3-way you only continue if you hit. if you hit a good flop (AJ4 or J52) or if it's a less good flop but there are draws out I like to play it aggressive. On bad flops you can play it passively or fold to much action.
      Best would be to search hands in your database and post them. :)