NL50SH light 3betting small IP from/against regs

    • silent21
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      recently i noticed a new trend among the regs on NL50 @ stars. some reg tag ~19/17 open to 1.5$ from MP or CO and another similar reg tag 3bets him IP to 4$ with so wide rangeeee (10-20% 3bet wtf? )

      what are my options here ?

      - tighen your opening range (i hate to be a nit)
      - call widely and play OOP (sh1t i hate playing oop)
      - 4bet light (embrace the variance mate)
      - fold ( i so hate to be exploited)
      - change table (i feel like a scared fish)
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    • nafar84
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      Ideally change table and find some FISH. It's not about ego or being the best, it's simply about making money.

      Otherwise, the best adjustment is 4betting light... because at this level (NL50) they will fold a LOT and just can't bluff 5bet shove yet. Higher variance, but it DOES show very good profit over a decent sample.
    • kosmonaut111
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      yeah, changing table is good, when you this kind thinking player on your left and you feel like you are exploited.
      Best option is 4betting light also - you show, that you cant be pushed around and slows down his play aainst you. ofcourse you can call and then c/r on flop, but he may have hit something on flop and dont want to give up.
      Against these kind of maniacs (not solid players), I have used limp - call with drawing hands, also limp/raise with strong hands, but here I am talkin about maniac donks (95/40/6 with 3bet preflop 30+).
    • Dragar
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      Just 4-bet them light.... if you do it once their 3-betting light will stop quickly.