Buy-ins for 90 people MTT's

    • ShadowOfLight1337
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      Well, ok. I know that as a general rule, you should have about 100 BI's for MTT's.

      But, is that for the 100+ MTT's or for all 27+ MTT's? Because 100 BI's for the tourneys I play seems rather a lot (I play 90 man $3+0.3 MTT's)

      I'm thinking more along the lines of 50 - 75 BI's? I know this makes me more vulnerable to swings, but shouldn't 75 BI's be an ok amount?
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    • LetchLord
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      There is no a standard rule for these.... just use whatever BRM makes you feel comfortable and lets you play your best game.

      There are many people that use a 100 BI's rule for 9-man SNG tournament. Others may use 50-60 for 180 MTT SNGs... The bigger the tournament, the higher the swings. I personally use a very conservative approach and would use at least 100 BIs for every tournament with more than 27 players...
    • lennonac
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      50+ buyin swings will be common so I would say 100 to 200 buyins would be about right