Problem with the validation of an account

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      Hello! I have a problem registering at Fulltilt. After I created my account, I received a mail from FT Staff, requesting a scan of my ID and a bill which can show my address. I sent them a mail with a scan of my ID and a photo with me & my id (that's what I understood i should send from my friends, also FT users). The staff there didn't accept the ID because it didn't show my age like this: AGE=18, but it showed my age in my Personal Numerical Code.I explained this logically and it seems they realised. After that, I told them regarding the situation of my address, I couldn't send them any bills because all of my housing bills are on my parents' name and I don't have anything to send them! After 3-4 replys, they decided not to validate my account, because I can't send them any bills. I asked them if I could send them a copy of my driver's licence, which shows my address, but they didn't want this. They want a bill.
      Is this correct? Because I think this is a disgrace to the new users of this site. I am outraged by this nonsense. I didn't send them anymore emails because I am already stressed and I don't want to stress no more.
      Please, enlighten me with this problem. Thank you!
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