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      Last week I was looking around on PokerStars for something new to do. I was getting bored of SSSing and MTTs I was playing, and wanted to throw another game in the mix, just for a bit, just as a break.

      I stumbled across the 11+1 180 man turbo SNGs. They seemed really interesting. Only takes a few minutes for one to fill up, which I like (it allows for me to play lots of them at a time), and they were just within the reach of my (very aggressive) BRM. I had ~$1000 at the time on stars, with the rest of my Bankroll (another $600) on Full tilt. I played 10 or 15 without any success, and then something amazing happened... I got first!

      Needless to say I was pretty excited, and within about 10 or 15 more tournaments I got a 5th place and a 6th. Propping my BR up to a very happy $1780.

      I continued playing and the inevitable happened, I hit a downswing. 50BI with only 1 or 2 24$ cashes. It's pretty frustrating when this happens, and I decided my stop point for these tournaments would be $1300. $200 profit is still a pretty good thing. When playing my last round of tournaments, I managed to obtain another 1st place. Allowing me to keep going.

      That was 3 days ago.

      In the last few days I've been doing a bit better. I've had a multitude of final table finishes and my BR is now up to $2400. I've now played around 120 of these SNGs and my ROI is hanging out somewhere around 80%, indicating to me that I'm clearly running well above expectation. Regardless I'm happy to have found a new game and look forward to finding out where my ROI ends up in the long term. Another 850 games and I should have a better idea... here we go.
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