Elephant0.69 and PostgreSQL problems

    • Crokid
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      I upgraded my poker elephant to 0.69 and went to play on partypoker as usual but this time elephant hud does not appear on the table. Then I removed, i think the older version of elephant but it didn t help:( After that I tried to install the new version of pokerstrategy elephant again and nothing. Then I saw an info on pokerstrategy that I need to delete PostgreSQL . I erased it and elephant, I erased everything and installed elephant0.69 again... Now I went in the elephant and in the settings-- database management--i went in create database-- new database. In new database are thins i dont understand like: write the username you chose while installing the PostgreSQL, and password, and database name... I do not know my username or password!!! When I downloaded elephant it said there that PostgreSQL is included with the elephant0.69?? HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!
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    • rocky2106
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      I also have some similar problems with my elephant 0.69. I have made a clean instal becouse I didn't use it before and the program doesen't work at all. I have made everything as I should but I can't inport any information and the hud doesen' work too. Everything I can see is next masage from elephant: Check Handhistory options. I tried everything but no effect.
    • LuborC
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      Default username is postgres and password dbpass. You could have set something different though..