what difference ICM Trainer and ICM Trainer light?

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    • Stretch00
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      I do not know the actual difference ,but Id-loaded the full trainer and love and recommend it.It tought me a lot about how to play short and late tour play.
    • LuborC
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      You don't need the full ICM trainer for the light version to work nor vice versa.
      But those are two slightly different pieces of software. ICM trainer light only includes a few predefined lessons as sort of an introduction to ICM. The full version is sort of a giant calculator which provides you with all kinds of situations and calculates the right decision for you so that you can check if the decisions you make in similar situations are the right ones.
      You don't really need the knowledge from the light version to use it if you are new to SNGs or are not 100% sure you know the basics of ICM you should probably start with ICM trainer light.

      Hope that helps,