Big hand

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      I played this at ladbrokespoker...

      ** Dealing cards to Zemnieks007: Kh, Js
      chocolatboy1 raised to €0.40
      Zemnieks007 called - €0.40
      Bludmop called - €0.40
      wolfman03 folded
      nene33 folded
      nury888 folded
      Dr27500 folded
      volofunko100 called - €0.40

      ** Dealing the flop: Qs, Ah, 10s
      volofunko100 checked
      chocolatboy1 checked
      Zemnieks007 bet - €0.60
      Bludmop called - €0.60
      volofunko100 folded
      chocolatboy1 raised to €2.40
      Zemnieks007 raised to €6.00
      Bludmop called - €6.00
      chocolatboy1 went all-in - €19.24
      Zemnieks007 went all-in - €15.22
      Bludmop called - €21.64

      ** Dealing the turn: 8s

      ** Dealing the river: 2h
      chocolatboy1 shows: 9s, Ks
      Bludmop shows: As, 4s
      Zemnieks007 mucks: Kh, Js
      Bludmop wins €62.36 from the main pot
      Bludmop wins €0.84 from side pot 1

      I think i played it best not letting them see 3rd spade but maybe i should play to see more cards on board...! So confused by this hand becose they had only 7 spade outs what is 15% on turn and 14% on river so it makes only 29% for them so if i played this hand for 3 times i defenetly would be a winner in 2 out of 3 times then! But still felling bad after not winning this (for me)big pot!
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