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arschholio coaching Mon 25.06.

  • 3 replies
    • Stefan1000
      Joined: 24.01.2006 Posts: 1,649
      i lsitened to it and i like it a lot.

      Think great coach explaining a lot.

      It was the first coaching i heard from him and it was like i expected, ... very good!

      Best regards,
    • frzl
      Joined: 25.04.2006 Posts: 9,876
      i listened to your coaching today and i can totally agree with stefan.
      i really liked it a lot. you explained everything perfectly... one of my favourites was: "on the upper right i have... err... nothing. so i bet" :D .
      what i liked most was that you spent much time to talk about where to value bet and where not because i think thats really important especially at the lower limits.

      you said that you are not sure if your english is good enough but imo its pretty good and i had no problems at all to understand everything. you sound like a native speaker :)
      but there is one thing i didn´t like:
      i think it was daniel negreanu who said: "its not "twos and threes", its "treyes and deuces". everybody would know that you are a fish if you are talking about "twos and threes"" ;)

      thanks for the coaching. i will try to visit it again but monday evening is a bad time because of king of queens on kabel 1 ^^
    • Cornholio
      Joined: 05.02.2006 Posts: 25,674
      allright thank you guys :)

      i think you´re right with that treyes deuces thing, i will work on it.

      so my aims for next week are to avoid "two and three" and play 120 minutes with loosing less than 100 bucks. this seems to be very difficult in a coaching for me.