turbo 1dollar SnG

    • antonin87
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      hi..im new to this site..i m not playing in cash games because i just think SnG suits me better. i just dont like that if i want to stick to my BRM i have to play only these turbo games...i really want to play how the stategy should be..but if you stick to the right strategy most of the time i find myself shortstacked because the hand simply didnt came..even if i steal a blinds with bluff from button the 5 players final is there so quickly so i have to tilt most of times..
      i would like to collect that 300PP but its hard to earn the money..after a week i have nearly 60PP but only 42dollars left so that means that i lost 8 and didnt actually earn anything.
      i dont think im bad player, of course i do mistakes..any advice what to do?? where should i move to?
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    • Ejeckt
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      Well you get 3 months to clear the 300PP, so at this rate at least you'll comfortably get there. Those low limit turbo SNG's are very high variance, unfortunately - and they require quite a bit of adjustment from standars SNG's. Practice on the ICM trainer to get to know which hands you can push from which positions against x players at y blinds. Besides that, I don't think there's much you can do. Use it as an opportunity to improve your skills. You're just gonna have to grind it out or use TAF/make a deposit to boost your BR.

      ICM trainer: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/software/7/