2nd in 2nd live tourney and royal flush!

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      This week I played my second live tourney. It was a freezeout of 200 (+100) CZK (czech crowns, 1 EUR is about 25 CZK) and I finished second for 1200 CKZ (28 entries).
      (the first one was a similar tourney but I busted out in 12th place or so).

      I know it is quite a small achievement but I was quite happy with it.

      On top of that in the end (heads up play) I hit a royal flush!!
      I was crippled (to about 4 Big Blinds) and went all in with QsTc and called by K9o
      Flop came TsAs and a blank
      Turn came Js

      So I was ahead and would win unless the villain would hit a non spade king.

      River comes: Ks!! :D

      Oooh yeah.

      Unfortunately my stack after that was still quite small and I lost a coin flip a few hands later.

      Just wanted to shortly share this succes/moment

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