• markiepoop
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      Hi pokerstrategy. Recently i registered and managed to pass the test after 2 failed tests :( and reading the articles countless of times.

      i learnt alot of new things and realised the amount of wrong plays i did in the past.

      today, i have two question for the community/admin of pokerstrategy.

      i hope you do not mind answering, but if it is confidential, it is fine!

      1) You guys give free $50 bankrolls. To like thousands? How do you guys find the money to give free bankrolls? I do not see any 'donation' button??

      2) Won't people just register here, get the $50 and withdraw it out?
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    • BogdanDin7
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      Don`t have to be an admin to know that.

      PS wins a part of the rake you generate. That`s where the 50$ bankrolls are coming from and that`s why it`s in best interest that you learn to play better poker and win more money. More money = bigger limits = more rake = more $ for . So it`s a win/win situation if the player learns anything from this site , or it`s a 50$ lose for if player is a gamb0l. So basically they invest 50$ in you and hope you will make something out of it.

      For the second question , people need to earn a number of points before they can withdraw the capital.
    • EagleStar88
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      Great reply BogdanDin, thanks.

      Following link might also be interesting to OP.

      Welcome to the community markiepoop

      Best regards,

    • mynameisking
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      oh thanks alot of the help! cleared alot of my doubts.

      was skeptical about this site :) thanks !