Starting capital :(

    • mynameisking
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      Hey hi. My username is "mynameisking". This is actually my second account created in poker strategy. The reason is because my previous account "Markiepoop" i created had passed the quiz.

      after i passed the quiz, i had stated my fulltilt username for the starting capital to be received. But sadly, i forgot to put the referal code.

      Hence, i used mynameisking to pass the quiz again and send the starting capital to a new account "gosuking" on fulltilt. My first account i allocated the cash to was "mynameisking".

      i have no intention of cheating!

      i really hope the adminstrators here can delete my acc here "markiepoop" and have the starting capital sent to "gosuking" on fulltilt.

      thank you and very sorry for the inconvience caused !
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello mynameisking,

      You are only allowed to create 1 account at and only 1 account per poker site. Since you already made an account at Full Tilt you will not be able to receive your starting capital there anymore. Creating a new PokerStrategy account will not resolve the issue of you having already made a Full Tilt account.

      I will therefore close this account and ask you to please contact our support via the ticket system with your old account. You will need to select a different poker room at which to choose the starting capital though.

      Best regards
    • markiepoop
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      Okay. Thanks alot of your help!

      By the way, is it possible for you to help me void my Fulltilt/Bwin startup cash requests and give me the startup cash request on my "titanpoker" account instead?

      sorry for the trouble caused.

      thanks a ton !