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    • Skraggy
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      Hello fellow poker ppl :-)

      Just a quick question - when one reaches say silver or gold level for the month(and thus has access to new material and videos etc) if the following month you do not earn enough points and drop back down to silver(or bronze) - do you lose access to those videos and articles again? If this is the case then surely when I reach silver or gold(or diamond lol) I should save the articles incase I need to re-read them?

      Sorry if this has been asked(and answered) already - could not find it.

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    • eteris
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      you lose
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Skraggy,

      Yes as eteris has already indicated, if you drop down a status level you will lose access to the higher status material.

      You will however regain access as soon as your rolling 4 weeks PokerStrategy points reach the next level again.

      There is a Print out function available on some of the written strategy guides, but of course not on the media based material.

      Also just for clarification, might find useful:

      When obtaining a higher level, you will gain access to higher material straight away (allow a day or so to be fully updated).

      You will retain that level until at least the end of the calendar month, irrespective of whether your rolling 4 weeks points drop down.

      Hope this helps. Best regards,