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Heads up

    • Dublimax
      Joined: 22.11.2008 Posts: 2,233
      Hi all,

      I have noticed that I don't handle very well the heads up in a SNG.
      For instance I lost the last 2 I played where I started the heads up with more than 66% of the chips.

      I know heads up is a game on its own but looks like I do not know how to play that part of the game.

      I can not see any articles in the strategy related to this topic.
      Any of you has advices, articles or even books to suggest??

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    • Janusrichmond
      Joined: 28.07.2009 Posts: 2,442
      You need gold-status to read articles about heads up game. That´s basically because it is hard for begginers to play heads up because reads on you oponents is a very big part of the game.

      But ofcourse it is an important part of Sngs. My advice is to make some research on google on "heads up strategy", there you will find some guidlines. In a sng you have to adjust your game depending on your stacksize which might be a bit tricky in the beginning and Im not a good heads up player myself so I can´t really say for sure how to play it.

      Looking forward to anyone who is a winning HU SNG players answer.
    • 8979687
      Joined: 11.11.2008 Posts: 2,225
      I play heads up in a few diff ways against a few diff types of players and also in a few different scenarios.

      Scenario #1: Blinds are just insane because we had a long bubble etc etc, and I have <10 BBs against a big stack....

      I am shoving very wide here, I know it is only a matter of a few hands before I am so short that even doubling up
      will not help me any more. I am more than happy to be called because doubling up now be it from going in ahead
      or sucking out will change everything. Not ATC, but any broadway, suited connectors, obviously any pairs, and
      if its desperate enough, low offsuit connectors.

      Scenario #2: High Blinds but against similar stack both of us in 10-15 BBS......

      I love these. Here I play the player more than the cards. Within the first few hands I usually find out what kind
      of heads up player I am dealing with. Often it is someone who rarely gets this far in the tournament and is
      clearly lost on what to do. These are easy pickings. Sometimes its a maniac who just wants to shove every hand,
      and sometimes its a weak tight player who wants to limp and have me call and see flops and even complain
      in chat when I put a stop to such a silly idea. When you see someone folding and not even limping and dwindling
      away their stack to the blinds, just pick on them but not the same way every time. Shove over a few limps, but
      understand even a blind person could realize your doing this and just limp/call their next monster. If they
      suddenly push out of nowhere well duh, guess what they have. As for the maniac just wait a few hands and call
      with a wider range, you will often be shocked when they turn their cards over, then you will either laugh
      at how insane they were, or cry at the sickest suckout ever sending you out.

      Scenario #3: My stack = huge theirs = sucks

      This one is a matter of putting pressure on them. Especially if you see they are very weak tight..
      You will be surprised how often they will fold themselves into the abyss waiting for a monster to play
      against you. There is no reason to be reckless here, and blow your advantage. You want to be
      playing at them with cards that have a chance to hold up against their calling ranges. Beleive you me
      when I tell you you can be sucked out on a few time sin a row and find yourself out in 2nd place.

      Now as far as ranges to use go, Just practice heads up with the ICM trainer. And you will of course adjust these
      ranges to the specific player types and scenarios as you yourself get familiar with them over time. I honestly
      find myself taking first place WAY more often then 2nd and 3rd. I think its mostly being able to recognize
      what I am up againts and comfortably adapting to it.