Security concerns with ID check, can I give you my real data?

    • elotrocoso
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      I rencently Subscribed to this site and to Full Tilt Poker In hopes of getting my bonus and start playing. I Usually try to avoid filling real, detailed data(like my address) on subscription forms, so, as usuall, I filled it up with nonsense, since I did not asume it would be important for anything.
      The point is that I've seen that this site is more on the serious side, and I would have no problem sending my real data for the ID-Check but that would obviously conflict with the data I filled the form with (no, I dont live in Potatoville :) ), so I was wondering if it is possible to send you my real data and keep the site data as is (my prefered option), if I would have to somehow modify my data in the site so it coincides with what I send you, or if I have lost my chance to get the starting bonus and am banished for ever and ever.

      Thanks for any help
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