• italiandurrr
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      My name is Aris and I am Italian (but with a Greek dad). Just passed my quiz and waiting for the capital at full tilt.

      I have been referred here by excelgeo who is my housemate and always goes on about the website and poker and I have been watching him play for a long time now, he is very funny when he goes on tilt.

      Hopefully I can make some money but mostly I just want to have some fun so I can only hope i dont go broke too soon.

      Talk to you later

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    • justkyle88
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      Hey Aris,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy and the Community.

      You should receive your free $50 starting capital in a 48hr period without ID check.

      While you are waiting you could study the Strategy guides.


      But I guess excelgeo will be coaching you, :)

      Good luck with your starting capital. You can have some fun with it. Just remember Bank Roll Management. :)


    • excelgeo
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      well seeing how i managed to blow my entire BR because i went way beyond and got sucked out on (conscious choice as i made a massive withdrawal and thought i should get a little tricky)...

      dont think i am a role model haha!

      But new challenge, rebuild from $0.87 playing micro.

      of course i am getting a good rb on friday plus the iron man freeroll is coming up AND TAF money.

      so somehow i will be ok.